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We, “Southwhole Treks (P.) Ltd” would like to welcome you in our country. Our main motto is to provide entire tour- trek related services to you in Nepal. Our services includes, Tours in Nepal, Trekking in Nepal, Mountain Flights, Jungle Safari, Paragliding, Bungy Jumping, White Water Rafting, UNESCO World Heritage Site Sightseeing Tour, Bird Watching etc. We would like to mobilize our all efforts to make your trip with full of thrills. The goal set of this company is not only to make money, but also to provide “An ELITE CLASS” services to our valued clients from all over the World. We also would be happy to provide support to the most disadvantages group (DAG) of Nepal to educate their child at least to develop the self-survival confident by motivating to attending school. Your one visit through us will not only be the adventurous, but also be a dream fulfiller to the DAG child to attain School.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in the world. It is a sandwich country between INDIA and CHINA. Nepal doesn’t have any seaport and the third country economic activities are being operating by using INDIAN seaport. It is the richest country for its own typical culture due to having multi-caste system. It is also richest in natural resources and a perfect combination of bio-diversity through the plain Terai to the Top of the World, Mt. Everest.  Considering this diversified cultural system in Nepal, the preference will be given to include every possible natural, social and cultural component to make it inclusive and adventurous at the itinerary designing phase. To meet the special interest of clients we can provide tailor-made programs as well. We are largely focused to fulfill the touring requirement of our customers.

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Why Travel With Us ?

Service Quality Assurance

The customer satisfaction is undoubtedly in high priority and it can be measured by the quality of services. To maintain the service quality we always give our attention to arrange needful service perfectly. Team members are always aware on the service expectation from our clients and counterparts. We do not compromise on the service quality due to small amount of price difference. We always respect the value of the money and our best preference will be give you awesome service. Each program are escorted by our qualified and experienced guide.

Social Attachment

Being human, we respect the social sentiments of the most disadvantages group of Nepal including the kids and women from the same group. Our preference will be focused on the education sector and will provide scholarships to the community kids who fall from the same area/same trekking trails. Still if we will have huge amount of business, then we can go beyond the area to cover the country.

Eco Friendly

Environmental preservation and its sustainable use is our prime concern. Our staffs are well aware of environmental issues and will do their best to reduce any damage to the environment. We take back the garbage that we produced on the way compulsorily (except for compostable). We prefer to use renewable source of energy. Furthermore, we sponsoring many recycling project throughout the country.

Dynamic Staffing

We believe that all level of staff is equally responsible to operate a successful program. Office staffs are really responsible to maintain operational activities up to date and they all are well trained before to hold in the service. Likewise the field staff more responsible to execute the program by maintaining the safety, time bound health issues, hygiene and the hospitability. Executive staffs are well trained in terms of security, hospitality, first aids and high altitude sickness precautions. A first Aids kit box follows every program.

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